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In 1984, Eagle Homes was born from the desire to provide Australians with quality family homes that represented the highest standards of craftsmanship, comfortable living and affordability.

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The decision has been made, it’s time you upgrade your living situation and now you need to see what’s available. While searching online is quite easy and convenient, it’s not the same as seeing it in the flesh, even if you do get to view the virtual tour. So the next best thing is to pack the family in to the car and venture out to a display village to see the real thing.

Usually the objective is to see as many properties and homes as possible to get an idea of what you want, how the layouts will fit the space you have, or whether buying a home & land package would be better. Now you need to plan and research the display villages you would like to visit, and with many scattered across NSW, it can sometimes be difficult to work out where to start.

b2ap3 medium Eagle Trip Map
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When the whole family comes to visit, it’s nice to have the room to fit them all, and with Eagle Home’s ‘Bellbird’ you can definitely do that.

As soon as you walk through the main entrance, the hallway opens up, giving you a glimpse of the family room out the back and the promise of spacious living. But you needn’t walk too far before you are given a taste of the delights the ‘Bellbird’ has to offer.

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Display Home in Focus – Eagle Homes Whimbrel

The Whimbrel at Oran Park is a testament to the material creativity that Eagle Homes possess – with a blend of both running bond and stackbond by PGH alternating in colour, and complimented by hints of timber and render. The front façade is a tasteful and well-balanced entry to our gorgeous display home, aimed at combining both form and function. With a notably more modern finish, this façade is tied together by its large verandah portion that signifies the grand entry to the home. A Colorbond roof supplied by Adams Direct sits atop proudly and brings a durable yet sleek finish to the top of the home.

The imported rustic tiling from Abruzzo Ceramics Pty Ltd combines the colours of both bricks and is repeated in the alfresco to the rear, tying both sides of the Whimbrel home together and bringing familiarity throughout. The warm notes of the timber are continued through the home and provide warm and safety in such a long-trusted material.

whimbrel as displayed
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Display Home in Focus – Eagle Homes Laysan

The beautiful Laysan home at Middleton Grange showcases the vast yet harmonious material palette Eagle Homes like to express in their show homes. Creating a modern design piece that pays tribute to new age styling whilst creating a classic, home style feel, the choice of materials creates an exquisite entry for the front façade that invites visitors to enter in a warm and appealing manner.

Brickwork by PGH signifies solidity and is a testament to centuries of trust in the reliability and diversity of masonry. This is accentuated with the duragroove cladding by BGC, painted to match the oaky colour of the bricks, something that is matched by the warm timber of the sectional garage door by B&D Doors and the stunning front entry door from Hume Doors. Floating above is a beautifully handcrafted and bookmatched feature timber piece that creates a warm and unique entry. On top of this rests the classic hip roof with terracotta tiles from Boral Roofing, which ties the blend of traditional and modern together; bearing both form and functionality. The front façade portion is raised to signify grandeur and creates the welcoming aspect of the home, a place to meet and greet guests in something impressive but still proportionate in scale.

laysan as displayed
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Duplex- the fastest way to grow your portfolio

Bricks and mortar is the most popular investment strategy across Australia, the ‘safe as houses’ approach preferred most often over other forms of investment strategies. The reality is that real estate is the easiest and most proven way to become wealthy. The purchase, lease and sale of property assets is wealth creation strategy that has been passed through generations in Australia.

However, as house prices have increased, finding gems to flip for profit is becoming harder and harder. Savvy investors have seen the benefits of building a duplex to double their property portfolio on a single block of land.

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Be surprised with our Granny Flat Display Home at Middleton Grange

Eagle Homes has recently opened three new display homes at Middleton Grange, and the Corella with its granny flat has been one of the most popular to visit since opening. Like all Eagle Homes granny flats, the Corella is a well-designed, innovative attached residence that features a range of clever and spacious living options.

Although granny flats have been popular for a few years, especially since council made it easier and quicker to get approval, many people are yet to discover how versatile and comfortable they are to live in.

eagle April
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Eagle Homes proudly supporting A-League and family friendly values

Whether you call it football or soccer, there is no doubt of the popularity of the A-League in Australia. The unique atmosphere at A-League matches created by the passionate and committed supporters who along with the players make each game an exciting spectacle just to be a part of. That’s how we feel to be part of the game as well.

With our heritage centred around a European background, the opportunity to be involved with the A-League was one not to pass up. Eagle Homes are proudly showing their support during multiple games at ANZ Stadium between December 2016 and April 2017.

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Eagle Homes Opens THREE Exciting New Display Homes In Middleton Grange

Eagle Homes is excited to open three new display homes in Middleton Grange, one of south west Sydney’s prosperous new destinations. Opening on Saturday 11 February, the new display homes include the stylish single storey Laysan, versatile single storey with granny flat Corella, and contemporary double storey Bellbird.

The single storey designs, the Laysan and Corella, are the perfect fit for the area, offering open plan family living that allows families to make the most of life – inside and out. The Corella also features a granny flat and like all Eagle Homes granny flats, the Corella is a well-designed, innovative attached residence that features a range of clever and spacious living options. The double storey Bellbird offers a series of designs to meet the growing need for families to have a mix of ground floor and first floor bedrooms that could be used for elderly parents, as a parent’s retreat or young adults looking for extra privacy.

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Making The Most Of Display Centres: What To Look Out For?

So, you’re looking for a new home… Lifestyle, look and feel, floor plan, features, street appeal, design elements, the wow factor. There is so much to think about when you’re looking to build the perfect home.  The best place to start is at an Eagle Homes display centre so that you can see the very latest trends in building and interior design.

Here are some guidelines when planning a visit to our display centres…

Osprey Facade at Oran Park Display Village
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Daylight Savings: Tips For Around The House

In some parts of Australia daylight savings starts around October and finishes in March. And though daylight savings is perfect for giving us that extra few hours of light in the evening during the warmer months, it is also a good time to take care of important annual tasks around your home.

Here are the top TEN:

Tips for Daylight Savings
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Land Developers Supporting Duplex Homes With Blocks Designed For Duplex

Smart land developers across Sydney are realising the increasing interest in building duplex homes from both first home buyers and those more experienced in the property market and are offering land perfectly suited for duplex building in Sydney.

Dual occupancy or duplex building is becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits they offer for savvy home owners looking to increase the value of their existing property. By building a duplex, you have the potential to rent the properties out, sell both homes or use one as an income earning property while living in the other.

b2ap3 thumbnail Land Developers Supporting Duplex Homes
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New display homes at Oran Park, Sydney’s newest display village

Eagle Homes is pleased to announce the opening of three new display homes on Saturday 3 September at Oran Park. Sydney’s newest display village is located in one of the fastest growing suburbs in Sydney’s South West.

The new display homes feature two brand new designs, the single storey Osprey and the double storey Currawong, which comes complete with an attached granny flat. One of the most popular single storey homes in the Eagle range, the Whimbrel, is also on display.

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Single-Storey Versus Double-Storey: Which is Right for You?

The decision to build your own home comes with many choices like the design of your home, everything from the size of your block to what kind of fixtures you'll have, even down to choosing the colour of your walls. All of these choices are dependent on your own style, creativity, what makes you comfortable and, of course, that it all fits within your budget.

One of the most important decisions a new home buyer will face is whether to choose a single-storey or double-storey home. In most cases this decision can come down to your personal circumstances, your home site, and if there are building height restrictions in your area.

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Beating the Chill: Top 5 Ways to Keep Warm at Home for Less this Winter

If you feel a shiver each time you open your electricity bill, you're likely paying more than you should to heat your house. Even though homes by Eagle Homes are built with top-of-the-range solutions like thorough insulation and efficient heating systems, the winter chill can still be difficult to combat.

Heating your house should not have to cost you the earth. So, what can be done cheaply and quickly to keep your house warm? Make these changes now to keep your home comfortably warm this winter. And, the best part? These tips can help you save money.

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Will building a duplex take longer than a standalone home?

Building a duplex is certainly a clever way to maximise investment opportunity from your block, whether you are building a duplex to live left, rent right or sell or lease them both, it can provide better bang for your buck than building a standalone home.Duplex home designs are no longer simple side-by-side designs that only fit wide obliging blocks. Instead, duplex home designs from Eagle Homes represent a range of options including corner blocks as well as designs where the homes sit one in front of the other.To build a duplex, there are certain zoning requirements and restrictions that need to be adhered to, such as minimum area and land width open space requirements, setback measurements etc. that will be publicly available for you to review before buying a block and planning your duplex design.The rules vary from council to council and you should check what is permissible in your area before going any further. Eagle Homes, expert in building duplex homes in Sydney, is here to help answer your questions around block suitability for a duplex with our wide range of duplex designs.Once you have settled on a design for your duplex, the actual build and construction time is no longer than that of a standalone home, given all the council requirements and regulations are met. New modern duplex designs from Eagle Homes are challenging what you might think a duplex looks like. Take a look at the wide range of new duplex home designs from Sydney duplex home building experts Eagle Homes.

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Will council amalgamation affect my Development Application?

In the most comprehensive local government reform in 100 years, NSW saw the amalgamation of several councils on 12 May 2016. 40 local councils disappeared overnight to be replaced by 19 new super councils. Whilst most councillors and senior staff have been dismissed in the councils that have been abolished under the new council amalgamations, the general staff remain in place and therefore so do the fundamental services previously offered.

NSW Government has assured residents that the new councils will continue to provide services such as community development programs, assessing development applications, collecting rubbish and recycling and processing rates, fees and other charges.

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Experiencing your new home

Embarking on the experience of building a new home can be incredibly daunting when faced with the myriad of design, façade and inclusions options available through project home builders. Trying to compare each builder’s services and products can feel like comparing apples with oranges, and with a significant cost difference to match.

So, how can we really know what we want when faced with so many different options? One thing that Eagle Homes recommends is that each person considering building a new home visits our Display Centres to really appreciate their alternatives in real time.

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Securing your future with Eagle Homes

Each home houses a family that is singular and unique in its own right. Some are large, some are complicated, and some need a lot of extra space. But regardless of what your family makeup looks like, you will always find a home design at Eagle Homes that suits all of your needs, both now and in the future.

Modern families are very different to the traditional Australian ‘2.3 children’ model of past generations. The rising pressures of everyday expenses and work commitments coupled with the fierce Australian property market has prompted many families to adopt more inclusive family models out of necessity. As a whole, we also now live and work more globally than ever before but we still want the closeness of home and family as part of our everyday lives. Flexibility and adaptability sees modern families thrive as we start to utilise our spaces in more efficient and mutually beneficial ways by pooling resources, time and commitments.

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Reasons To Build A Duplex with Eagle Homes

Building - or purchasing! - a duplex home is a popular decision amongst prospective buyers. And it's no wonder why when you consider the potential investment gains, gorgeous new designs, and future-proofing for multi-generational living.

If you're still not convinced, here's a handy infographic from the team at Eagle Homes that shows exactly why building a duplex home is a sound strategy for your new home.

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