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Eagle Homes takes its home building and extensive project management skills and experience into our Project Property Development (PPD) Division. Designed to deliver high quality housing solutions for property developers and investors, the Eagle Homes PPD works in partnership to deliver on your development vision. Backed by over 31 years of building experience, the Eagle Homes PPD delivers end to end building projects.


past, present and future

  • Middleton Grange 48 block land development with 48 houses
  • Lithgow 138 block land development
  • Prestons 25 houses
  • Riverstone 48 houses
  • Riverstone 50 houses
  • Hoxton Park 12 houses
  • Lurnea 10 townhouses
  • Carnes Hill 14 houses
  • Carnes Hill 21 houses
  • Liverpool 151 unit site- future development
  • Austral 352 Multi residential development- future development
  • Austral 43 block land development with 43 houses- future development
  • Austral 76 block land development with 76 houses- future development

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