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Why Choose to Knock Down and Rebuild?

A knockdown rebuild allows you to upgrade your current home to better suit your lifestyle – and all without leaving your local community. You get to stay in the neighbourhood you know and love with all the benefits a brand-new home brings. You can also avoid the stress and effort of relocating and the expenses and risks of renovating. Our personalised approach to rebuilding houses also means that you have full control over the layout, colour schemes, materials and finishes, making the home truly your own. Other advantages include…


A new home generally has a higher resale value compared to an older one, which can be a smart investment for the future. It’s an even better move if you already live in a desirable area or one that is becoming more and more popular.


You can design and build your dream home from scratch, tailored to your specific needs. This ensures that every aspect of your new home is exactly how you want it.


In many cases, the cost of a knockdown rebuild is less expensive than an extensive renovation. It eliminates the need to work around existing structures and systems, potentially reducing unforeseen costs. You’ll avoid both real estate and stamp duty fees.


You can incorporate the latest energy-efficient technologies and materials into your new home, which can lead to long-term savings on utility bills and reduce your environmental footprint.


Enjoy the latest architectural and design trends, as well as modern appliances and features that might not be available in older homes. Think open-plan living, smart technology and more!


With a new build, you’ll typically have reduced or fewer maintenance issues and repair costs compared to older homes.


Your new home will be built to current building codes and safety standards, ensuring that it meets all legal requirements and is structurally sound.


You won’t have to worry about hidden issues or the need for major repairs that often come with older properties.

Why Knock Down and Rebuild with Eagle Homes?

Eagle Homes in Sydney are award-winning custom home builders of single-storey homes, double-storey houses, duplex houses and granny flats. We are rebuilding experts with a range of design options and unique floor plans for you to choose from to accommodate your personal touches and preferences. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional service for our clients and pride ourselves on creating stunning, liveable homes for their families. Our attention to detail is second to none, and we promise high-quality workmanship and finishes throughout the finished product. We also offer…


Homes can be built to fit spaces of all sizes, from narrow city blocks to sprawling rural properties.


Eagle Homes are stylish yet affordable. That is, the home will include quality finishes that make your home look modern and contemporary but will remain within your budget.


Eagle Homes uses quality building materials. At each step of the process, our homes are checked from top to bottom – often by the owner themself!


Living comfortably means living well. You are not a slave to your mortgage, and you can still entertain and go out knowing you are living in a stylish home you can afford.

Knockdown Rebuild Benefits & Features

Eagle Homes understands that a knockdown and rebuild can be overwhelming. However, our knock down rebuild builders and consultants can simplify the process for you, from helping you choose your home design to moving in…

Our creative and experienced designers will work with you to choose a home design that will meet your budget, your land location and your lifestyle.

We’ll give you a clear and concise quote that is easy to understand. One of our friendly consultants will go through the costs with you to ensure they meet your budget and expectations.

Eagle Homes takes care of the development process to ensure there is no hold up to you moving into your new home sooner.

As well as having a team of building professionals working on your home, you will have a site coordinator who is responsible for managing trades and keeping you up-to-date.

Upon construction completion, you will have a final inspection where you will complete a walk-through of your home to ensure that all inclusions, fixtures and fittings are correct. Once you are satisfied with your final inspection, a formal handover is conducted. You will receive all instructions manuals, warranties, certificates and most importantly your keys.

Contact us today for more information about design styles, knockdown rebuild costs and more!

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