Duplex- the fastest way to grow your portfolio

Bricks and mortar is the most popular investment strategy across Australia, the ‘safe as houses’ approach preferred most often over other forms of investment strategies. The reality is that real estate is the easiest and most proven way to become wealthy. The purchase, lease and sale of property assets is wealth creation strategy that has […]

Display Home in Focus – Eagle Homes Laysan

The beautiful Laysan home at Middleton Grange showcases the vast yet harmonious material palette Eagle Homes like to express in their show homes. Creating a modern design piece that pays tribute to new age styling whilst creating a classic, home style feel, the choice of materials creates an exquisite entry for the front façade that invites visitors to enter […]

Display Home in Focus – Eagle Homes Whimbrel

The Whimbrel at Oran Park is a testament to the material creativity that Eagle Homes possess – with a blend of both running bond and stackbond by PGH alternating in colour, and complimented by hints of timber and render. The front façade is a tasteful and well-balanced entry to our gorgeous display home, aimed at combining both form and function. With […]


When the whole family comes to visit, it’s nice to have the room to fit them all, and with Eagle Home’s ‘Bellbird’ you can definitely do that. As soon as you walk through the main entrance, the hallway opens up, giving you a glimpse of the family room out the back and the promise of spacious […]