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Duplex- the fastest way to grow your portfolio

Bricks and mortar is the most popular investment strategy across Australia, the ‘safe as houses’ approach preferred most often over other forms of investment strategies. The reality is that real estate is the easiest and most proven way to become wealthy. The purchase, lease and sale of property assets is wealth creation strategy that has been passed through generations in Australia.

However, as house prices have increased, finding gems to flip for profit is becoming harder and harder. Savvy investors have seen the benefits of building a duplex to double their property portfolio on a single block of land.

According to Lloyd Edge of Aus Property Professionals, duplexes are a sophisticated way of building growth into the property, rather than waiting years to see it.

“On completion of the build, you can then take some equity out of that property and go and buy another property immediately. [1]

If you’re after immediate cash flow, a duplex provides a dual income for the cost of a single piece of land.


Industry leading website, rates a duplex home is one of the property world’s quiet achievers, often able to produce strong value growth and healthy rental yields for a much lower price than its neighbourhood’s detached houses. [2]

Smart Property Investment [3] agree that a duplex might be the right investment strategy to build equity through property. They have given a list to consider before deciding if building a duplex is right for your investment portfolio


5 things to consider before building a duplex for investment

  1. A duplex is a positively geared investment with the potential to create equity in a calculated way. It’s a high growth and high yield investment
  2. Great for someone who is time-poor and wants to invest strategically.
  3. Creates the ability to fast track your wealth, so it’s great for retirees.
  4. You have the option to rent out and achieve an ongoing high interest return.
  5. Only certain councils will allow duplexes. NSW councils are more favourable to duplexes because of population growth the housing shortage.


Many successful full-time property investors tell of their first property being a duplex, living in one while the income from renting the other enabled them to pay off the mortgage quickly and buy a second investment property quickly.

There are plenty of good reasons to consider building a duplex on your block. Advantages of building a Duplex home in Sydney with Eagle Homes can include:

  • Live in one house and rent out the other
  • A duplex takes full advantage of the block size
  • Sell one and live in one and then use the profit to pay the mortgage off
  • No body corporate fees eating into rental profit as you would with a unit in an apartment block
  • Duplex properties tend to fare better in terms of re-sell value compared to a traditional house that has had a granny flat added to the property. [4]
  • The potential to have no strata title structure creates an opportunity for investors to not only reduce holding costs (thereby adding more rental return to the property), but it also enables greater control over the expenditure of both properties.


Building a duplex is a great way to put yourself in a position to buy more property and to grow your property portfolio two-fold.

Eagle Homes is a Sydney duplex builder who is an expert in designing creative and innovative duplex developments that will work for you.

To help give you some initial design ideas, here are a range of Eagle Homes duplex plans that are popular for Sydney and surrounds duplex building developments. Click here to view.





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